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father, husband, entrepreneur, rock & snow athlete, musician, wine enthusiast


Professionally, I specialize in commercial software marketing and engineering, and have worked at start-ups such as After Hours Software, as well as larger companies like Apple, Aldus, Adobe, Netscape, and LeapFrog. In the late 90s I started my own business, called PuppetTime, that focused on 3D screenplay previsualization software, and which was sold in 2000. More recently I lead a skunkworks team at Adobe developing a new desktop video application called Adobe Media Player.

Now I am focused on the emerging mobile space, and offer freelance services for new product development, including customer development (using a scientific process called SyncDev and the more general Lean Startup methodologies), product management, and software engineering.

I completed a BS degree in Business/Marketing in 2003 from the University of Pheonix Online. I also studied computer science at California State University, Northridge.

Personally, I am thrilled to be a father and a husband ('nuff said). I also aspire to be a seasoned musician. I was working on an album of music with electronic and rock influences and hope to return to it after the younguns' are little older. And I *love* wine.

I want to see my 120th birthday.


customer development, new business ventures, rock climbing, snowboarding, songwriting (u2 kravitz dada tool beck), storytelling (tarantino seinfeld pixar), wine